Perk up your style with Hair Flowers! 
 Little flowers placed sweetly in hair look so mesmerizing and feminine that you can’t resist their sight. Whether a big one daisy flower or little white flowers, these flowers got such a romantic allure that you just can’t stop adoring them.
There was a time when flowers in hair were only allowed and acceptable in events like weddings and Mehndi but today Pakistan and especially fashion in Pakistan has evolved a lot that flowers in hair have become the super hot trend these days.

Think of Mehreen Raheel in Mastana Mahi, the charm, the allure, the vibrancy that she breathes, her floral bands and hair clips become a reflection of all that. Think of Amina Sheikh in latest Nishat photo shot, in which she is all dolled up in vibrant Nishat summer prints, while a big red daisy rests in her hair mesmerizingly! Feel the lure Shaista Wahidi exhibits in Utho Jago Pakistan, when she comes up sometimes with cute flower in her hair! The femininity, the romance, the charm achieved all with just a little flower!

Pakistani Salwar Kameez

  Salwar Kameez Pakistani is the most important dress which is wear in Pakistan. Pakistan’s National dress is also a Salwar Kameez. Trend of Salwar Kameez is come very earlier and then now days it got very popular. Pakistani Salwar Kameez is very special and also present in many in numbers. Pakistani Salwar kameez is very unique in the modern era and it comes in many in colors.

Pakistani salwar kameez is not only famous in Pakistan but also famous in the other countries of sub continents. Like India, Bangladesh and Srilanka. Indian Women’s are also love to wear this salwar kameez and it is very earnablething for Pakistan.Simple shalwar kameez, Karai on shalwar kameez, and colored shalwar kameez and without collared shalwar kameez present there. When we talk about the womens then there is very huge variety of salwar kameez is