Gul Ahmed Winter 2011-12 Designs

Gul Ahmed designs are the most favorite and acceptable fabric designs in South Asia. As Gul Ahmed is a well known company and it is due to their dazzling designs, modern technology, fine fabric and best manufacturing processes through which they are developing high quality products. Gul Ahmed designs always have something which is trendy and would be a part of upcoming fashion. Gul Ahmed's high quality products put it at top level and off-course they are leading in South Asia who always introduced a wide range of latest designs to fulfill trend gap in fashion. They are stunning, moderate and innovative to produce perfect trendy designs and this is what they are doing to attain excellence in quality.

Pashmina Shawls For Women

Pashmina Shawal For Ladies New Designs 2011

The word Pashmina is derived from the Persian word pashm which refers to the undercoat of fur on many animals, in this case a pashmina goat which is a special breed of goat found in Himalayas in Pakistan and northern India. Pashmina is usually made with wool from the underbelly of Himalayan goats
. These soft and warn hand-made Pashmina shawls have been manufactured in Nepal and Kashmir since thousands of years.

Pashmina Shawl For Ladies – New Designs 2011

Pashmina shawl is one of the versatile accessory in a women’s wardrobe. These shawls for ladies not only keep you warm but can change the look of an outfit according to latest fashion in a flash. Girls can wear these shawls around their neck, around shoulders, over their head or around waist according to their dresses. These stylish pashmina shawls are more versatile than a coat or jacket.

Fancy Sarees

All brides with their bridal sari and complete hair style and accessories want to look the best on the day of their wedding. And any bridal outfit should make moments cherish able. Like they say, you don't get married everyday. They come in various varieties and styles. Zari, sequence, embroidery, zardosi, organza, cut work, mirror work, patchwork, pearl work, kasab, kundan,  are all diverse kinds of work, which are available in sari. Although the styles and embroidery of Indian Bridal saris have changed, they have become much trendier and light. Earlier much more heavy work was used  now the style is rich as well as sleek and light in fabric.

As a bride one of your primary concerns is your bridal saree. If it is asked from a married lady what is her most loved ensemble is her wardrobe then surly she will reply her bridal sari. Yes, it is truth that most treasured and most loved ensemble in any married ladys wardrobe is her bridal sari.

Latest Bridal Lehnga Style

Pakistani Bridal Lengha has been part of Pakistan's heritage since rich mughal culture. Our website Pakistani fashions offers the privilege to buy the best Bridal dresses for a Pakistani Wedding. Pakistani Bridal's Lengha are worn normally in Pakistani wedding by a Pakistani Bride in marriage. The Lengha fashion is different from the normal lengha in terms of its heavy embroidered work on it and is very much preferred in Punjab during a wedding. Punjabi brides in Pakistan prefer to wear bridal lengha in
a wedding instead of Salwar Kameez.  Bridal lengha fashion are quite expensive compared to other Lengha as Bridal Lengha has very worked upon with fine hand craftsmanship done by tailors with sparkling stones, moti, dabka kaam, resham and zari embroidery.

Bridal mehndi dresses 2011

Pakistani wedding ceremoniesBridal mehndi dresses 2011has great importance and celebrates with traditions. Wedding in Pakistan is not the marriage of a bride and a groom only; it brings closer the families of both.Bridal mehndi dresses Familiaring with the ancient art of henna painting and Henna designs will help you to know that Arabic mehndi is one of the most popular Henna designs out there.

Our Party dresses have great designs with finest workmanship. Party clothes are made with imported fabrics. These formal Pakistani fashion dresses are suitable for any occasion, from small parties to larger weddings. Party clothing have heavy hand embroidery with zardozi, dabka, sequins, beads, tilla and diamantes work.

Perk up your style with Hair Flowers! 
 Little flowers placed sweetly in hair look so mesmerizing and feminine that you can’t resist their sight. Whether a big one daisy flower or little white flowers, these flowers got such a romantic allure that you just can’t stop adoring them.
There was a time when flowers in hair were only allowed and acceptable in events like weddings and Mehndi but today Pakistan and especially fashion in Pakistan has evolved a lot that flowers in hair have become the super hot trend these days.

Think of Mehreen Raheel in Mastana Mahi, the charm, the allure, the vibrancy that she breathes, her floral bands and hair clips become a reflection of all that. Think of Amina Sheikh in latest Nishat photo shot, in which she is all dolled up in vibrant Nishat summer prints, while a big red daisy rests in her hair mesmerizingly! Feel the lure Shaista Wahidi exhibits in Utho Jago Pakistan, when she comes up sometimes with cute flower in her hair! The femininity, the romance, the charm achieved all with just a little flower!

Pakistani Salwar Kameez

  Salwar Kameez Pakistani is the most important dress which is wear in Pakistan. Pakistan’s National dress is also a Salwar Kameez. Trend of Salwar Kameez is come very earlier and then now days it got very popular. Pakistani Salwar Kameez is very special and also present in many in numbers. Pakistani Salwar kameez is very unique in the modern era and it comes in many in colors.

Pakistani salwar kameez is not only famous in Pakistan but also famous in the other countries of sub continents. Like India, Bangladesh and Srilanka. Indian Women’s are also love to wear this salwar kameez and it is very earnablething for Pakistan.Simple shalwar kameez, Karai on shalwar kameez, and colored shalwar kameez and without collared shalwar kameez present there. When we talk about the womens then there is very huge variety of salwar kameez is

How to Apply Mascara - Applying Mascara

There is waterproof mascara, which is fine if you swim or cry a lot; it stays intact on your lashes and will only come off with an eye makeup remover specifically made for this type of mascara. Regular mascara or water-soluble mascara will run if you tear and is easily removed with plain old water. Yet another kind of mascara has little fibers in it to make your lashes look thicker.
Mascara Application
However refined the formula, the shape of the mascara wand plays a significant role in lash definition, For example, crescent-shaped wands will help curve the lashes up; fat wands with lots of bristles will help thicken
the lashes by coating each one individually; bristleless wands (they look like the tip of a metal screw) will allow you to paint lashes right to the roots; and double-tapered brushes (they have small bristles at either end that get longer towards the middle of the wand) will help define very thin and sparse lashes.

Ttips of Skin 

Skin Care Tips

Wear a sunblock every day... The primary cause of premature aging is exposure to the sun without adequate care and protection.
Don't wash your skin too often... Washing strips oil and moisture. Besides, tap water contains chlorine which causes oxidative damage. Washing your face twice a day is sufficient.
Do not smoke... Smoking can cause the skin to age prematurely, as well as take on an unflattering sallow tone. Nicotine will reverse your anti aging routine quicker than anything else.
Wear sunglasses... This will protect the eyes as well as the delicate skin around them. Take care in checking the products label and make sure they provide UVA and UVB protection.

wedding reception dress

 The Wedding season is here, at least on the television with the various television soaps. I just thought of sharing this article with you all, since I attended a friend’s wedding recently. I enjoyed every ceremony right from the haldi ceremony to the wedding reception. I also thought that I

would write in a series of articles dedicated to the bridal wear, for every religion in detail. So here, my first article of the series goes which is dedicated to traditional pakistani Bride

Traditional wedding

Mehendi is a traditional pre wedding ceremony before the marriage ceremony. An important tradition, it has been followed through the ages and an pakistani wedding cannot be imagined without a Mehndi ceremony. It is held at the bride's house and is a private family affair.The event generally has a festive feel to it with the women dancing and singing traditional songs and the girls wearing traditional outfits in vibrant shades. Salwar/Churidar suits, Anarkali/Patiala suits, traditional Lehenga Cholis in vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red, hot pink, golden, mustard, rust, etc are  perfect. Outfits in georgette, silk, raw silk, crepe, chiffon etc embellished with zardosi, sequins, beads, kundans and zari embroidery make it gorgeous. Beautiful necklace sets and bangles would further complement the ensemble.

Latest Mehndi Dresses for kids

 Shadhi season is coming again and so are latest wedding dresses. In wedding season everyone wants to look unique and different. In this three day event perhaps Mehndi function is most exciting day for kids girls as well as for brides. Here we are giving you some ideas for your mehndi function. Each and every dress is special in its own way someare multi-color frocks and some are made in combination of
yellow and green/pink/orange. In this season anarkali frocks, long toe touching loose A-line shirts and multi-color jamavar kaliyan frocks are very much in. Do consider these designs before designing your own mehndi dress. Best of luck kids girls.

Designer Sarees

The sareeis the most ancient of all sareeis The magnificence of the saree stems from the fact that it looks good on women of any shape, age or race. The saree is loved by all Indian women. In recent times, even women outside India have taken to wearing sarees.

Bridal Special Mehndi Dresses 2011

It is a special occasion for every girl when she is going to be a bride. She want to look like special among the all. There are some dress designs which help you to choose special one dress to have.

Latest Printed Saree Styles

Summer season brings colors to the life, because all things get shine and twinkle like a diamond. In summer season people also likes to wear colorful dresses. Women mostly like light colorful dresses. In India and its adjacent countries girls use Saree dress widely in summer Saree season. Who belongs to fashion world knows “Saree” is a most famous and use-able ladies dress.
Printed Saree is a well supposed dress for summer season.
Printed Sarees has vast and diversify experience of colors to develop the dress. You can use printed sarees as; Casual Sarees, Bridal Sarees, Sarees for Party Wears, Printed fancy sarees and for seasonal stuff.
Today the team of she9 brings huge collection of printed casual and fancy sarees for this shiny summer season; you can select your favorite one from their official web page. This new collection of Printed Sarees includes; fancy stuff, casual and party wears sarees. Let’s have a quick look on all these design of Printed Sarees for the Summer Collection 2011.

Modren Saree Styles  Now in this modern time no one wants to wear simple saree and wants to change look in latest saree and its blouse like bold blouses. According to your search I have collect some latest saree blouse for saree fashion of 2011 and 2012.

Foot Mehndi Designs

As illustrate above that Feet Mehndi Designs also vary according to the celebration as well as festivals. They also meet with Indian Mehndi Designs in some extent. Oftenly Pakistani used crippled feet Mehndi designs on the feet edges and smooth filling on the finger pores. Mehndi designs also vary according to the age. Leg Mehndi designs is not common inPakistan.

Mehndi designs for back hands 

Mehndi designs for back hands are most commonly applied on brides the day before the wedding or other special occasions such as parties and reunions to represent fertility and love. These mehndi design today it is becoming quite popular and many people are now applying the mehndidesigns for back of the hands just

Anarkali Frocks Umbrella sSyle


 Anarkali dress back in fashion now days after a long span.I will brief you little about the structure and format of Anarkali frocks. Long kurti with short, full and half sleeves, but tight at arms, fit and tight above the waist and below the butts like an umbrella, called Anarkali Umbrella Frocks.

Latest Mehendi Design

 Arabic Mehndi Designs are also very famous among the young girls and women. Let’s have adiscussion on the Arabic Mehndi Designs for hands.
A lot of popular and well-liked Arabic Mehndi designs are leaves and vinesalong with beautiful andhear-throbbing flowers. This makes it an

Nishat Summer Collection

NishatTextile Mills are among the few great names in Pakistan’s Textile Industry, produce high quality fabrics and flirt with beautiful designs in glorifying colors. Nishat has taken Nisha lawn to new heights this Spring and Summer. With over a hundred prints, there is something for everyone. Plus, you can also buy just a dupatta or combine three prints to create your own individual fashion style.

Homemade Lip Balm

Honey Lip Balm
Take a tablespoon of petroleum jelly and 1/3 teaspoon of honey and melt together. Mix well, remove it from heat and while hot pour the mixture into a suitable container and let it cool. 
Jojoba Lip Balm
Take 2 teaspoons of beeswax and

Latest Pishwas Style 

 Pakistani Pishwas are amazing dress and
Pishwas are in fashion..~~ Big Time~~ This pishwas in dark jungle green and stone work on neck is a lovely dress. Its not too heavy nor too light. Good for every occasion.. Will be perfect, even though you are pregnant.. 

Hand Care Tips

So your hands don't feel soft any longer?
Don't worry there is an option for getting a soft hands.
1.Before you go to bed, lavish on by Vaseline and after that pop on a pair of cotton gloves. Your hands will be amazingly soft by morning.

2.Do not let the skin on hands dry and moisturize them often to keep off the winkles.

Natural Tips for Shiny Hair 
 Do you long for shiny tresses, but lack the funds for expensive products and treatments? Don't despair - you don't have to be a supermodel to have gleaming locks. Before you mourn your lackluster strands, head to the kitchen and try these simple solutions to lock in shine the natural way.

The Alluring Avocado
Mash an avocado (one avocado for short hair, two for long) in a bowl until it forms a thick paste. Spread the paste on your hair from root to tip and leave on for 20 minutes. Shampoo and rinse. Avocados are high in fatty acids and nutrients. Feed your hair!

Pakistani Fance dresses 

Kids are beautiful and so are their works. Child their pranks, their playfulness and innocence attracts all of us. Yet, today’s kids are not as simple as were in our age. Today’s kids love everything new which comes in the market, make their own

Party Wearing Lehnga Styles

Party Wear Lehenga Choli Vibrant embroidery works on party wear lehenga choli on silk garments is its specialty. It is easily washable. This embroidered party wear lehenga choli gives great comfort to our end-consumer. Vibrant embroidery works and design is the major attraction of these party wear lehenga choli.

Designer Silk Suit

Styles might change but one thing that will never be out of fashion is this trendy comfortable outfit - the Salwar Kameez. This made-to-fit attire is the perfect tribute to the Indian woman. You can wear it to an important social engagement or just simply relax at home in style and comfort.

Tips For Cheeks a natural, rosy radiance
When applying blush, you want the color to look soft and natural, as if it comes from within. Read below for tips on how to put on make-up.

1. Tap or lightly blow on the applicator brush to remove any excess blush before applying to prevent a harsh and uneven application.
2. Apply your blush on the apple of the cheek and carefully blend towards your natural hairline.
If you have two shades, apply the darker one on the apple of the cheek first, then use the lighter shade to highlight. Blend well so there is no visible line between colors.
4. Highlight your temples, forehead and chin.

How to Apply Make up should be used to help you look good and feel better. Find your basic makeup essentials to create a radient - looking complexion and then experiment with deifferent colors, textures and cosmetics items to accentuate your features and enhance your face. Improving your appearence will boost your confidence and self esteem.Because of the difficulties in finding the right foundation color, some makeup experts believe that Brown women should use more than one foundation shade by blending two shades

Cosmetic Selection of the first makeup tips you should observe is the importance of finding the the right foundation. It could be the difference between looking as if you have naturally flawless skin or as if you are wearing a mask.
Most women have yellow-based skin. They include most Caucasians and all Asian, Latin and African women. To get that perfectly natural, flawless look they need to wear foundations with a yellow base.
Most foundations on the market however have pink or orange tones. Women wearing these foundations often end up looking artificial, ashy and two-toned.

Lipstick Shades for Summer 2011 a perfect lipstick shade according to weather is as important as selecting an eminent product. When it comes to summer you need to start beautifying your looks with latest lipstick shades for summer.
Moist and smooth lips with perfect lipstick shades not only look beautiful but also contribute in enhancing looks. No doubt the lipstick is an integral part of your makeup thus lipstick shades keep changing with the mood of the time and occasion. And

Cheeks Makeup for Rosy Face look stunning and beautiful, cheekbones are considered to be a sign of beauty and grace. In Pakistani culture, beauty is measured by cheekbones. 
  • Follow these makeup tips to learn the art of cheeks makeup:
During makeup we do not give importance to cheeks. First of all, learn to apply blush correctly on your cheeks because very few Pakistani women know how to do cheeks makeup. Eyes and lips might give you a dramatic look but with cheeks you don’t have to mess things up. Check out these makeup tips and see the amazing transformation.

Summer Lawn Collection 2011 by Fashion Designer Sonya Battla

Churidar Anarkali Dress 

pakistani  Latest Anarkali Designs with Churidar Pajama is most popular fashion for modern ladies and preferred to wear in night or evening parties. Anarkali dress trend now also start in Pakistan, Bangladesh and some Arabic

Bridal Makeup Styles

Your weddingday may be one of the happiest days of your life. It is important that you feel like you look your best. When you look at photographs of your wedding, you want to see your true beauty captured. You may decide to get bridal pictures taken in addition to the photos from your special day.

Dulhan Special Mehndi Dresses

Mehndi is a ceremony that sets the tone up for the wedding ceremony, and the traditional mehndi dresses adds color to the ceremony. The eye catching, unique and gorgeous mehndi dresses are an essential part of the ceremony,as the bride aspires to get dressed with traditional outfits that also get embellished by the addition of a voguish

Eyebrow Threading

If you don’t know what eyebrow threading is, you may want to take a look into it. This form of shaping your eyebrows comes from India and is done by using a thread. There are also other ways to use threading, such as your lip, chin, cheeks and even sideburns.
There are quite a few benefits to having threading done. This is rated as the best way to have your eyebrows shaped. It actually pulls the hairs out in a straight line so the look is very natural. Also,

Take Care of your Nails

Taking care of your nails is pretty easy and does not take much time. While applying sunscreen to the rest of you, don’t forget to put it on your hands as well. This will prevent your hands from falling prey to age spots. You might not have any now, but if you aren’t careful, you will in the future. While dressing out, we concentrate a lot on our other essentials, thinking that no one will notice our old,

Pedicure For Perfect Feet

Its’s summer time and you want your feet to look their best in your favorite sandals. Winter time has been harsh to your tootsies from wearing your boots and tennis shoes for the past several months. Follow these few simple steps to get that pink glow back to your feet and look beach ready in no time.

Homemade Masks For The Face

Mask application represents a form of beauty treatment. In ancient times, women applied a lot of exotic substances in order to keep the skin silky and beautiful, thus protecting them from the elements of the environment.
Natural mask for face are popular among the women and it is best to avoid toxic products which will not nourish, heal and thus the protection of the skin will be damaged.

Shaping your Eyebrows

A of pair of well-plucked eyebrows gives every face a touch of loveliness. Many women have their eyebrows tweezed or threaded professionally. It is always recommended to have a professional do your eyebrows first then all you have to do is pluck where the hairs grow in.
The biggest mistake people make is to tweezers too much. Avoid over plucking as it can take months for brows to grow back.

Girls Gorgeous Styles

Perhaps the most prominent trend to surge for the year 2011 is the theme of practical luxury or elegance for kid’s clothing. Again, this is a trend that probably stemmed from the “Suri Cruise effect,” wherein children want to wear designer clothes and parents want to dress their children in design brands. However, the clothing companies are gunning for something appropriate for kids despite its designer-luxury trappings.

Cleasing ,Toning and Moisturizing Your Face

A well-cared skin is a healthy skin. To have healthy skin you need to make sure that you are taking proper care of your skin. And proper care does not mean washing your face frequently and using good skin care products. They are just a part of the skin care routine. To have glowing skin you need to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin well. It is not a Herculean task; all you have to do is dedicate some time of the day to your skin.

Oily Skin Care

Oily skin care should consist of intense cleaning and moisturizing followed by an elaborate regime of deep cleaning and hydrating to check the excess sebum oil without inviting signs of aging. skin is a very common ailment among men and women in which the skin surface gets erupted with a recurrent acne condition. While some people develop it due to hormonal changes and lose it with age, the worst victims are those who are born with it. It is their hormones genes and chromosomes of cell that influence the secretion of sebum oil. However, to run the situation in a still adverse direction,

Little Girls Cute Dressing

When it comes to fashion children want variety. Do not feel like dressing up in a "suit every day" because that sounds totally boring and unattractive to them. To meet these growing needs, many designers have different styles of clothing designed exclusively for children. These may include leather jackets, shirts,

Little Girls Outfits

 Kids fashion trends has consciously incorporated a wide range of children's fashion clothing that is fresh, elegant and funky. Today's designers have begun to channel their efforts towards the fashion of the children when they are firmly convinced of the huge market that will serve a. Have anticipated the desire for children who want to look like their role models in the industry. traditional dress of Pakistan, the Salwar, Salvar, salwaar kamiz or shalwar are loose trousers with legs that are wide at the top, and narrow at the ankle.  Can also be worn with churidar style trousers, these are more fitted then a salwar. Kameez is a long shirt or tunic. In Afghanistan and Pakistan,  it is mostly worn by women.