Pedicure For Perfect Feet

Its’s summer time and you want your feet to look their best in your favorite sandals. Winter time has been harsh to your tootsies from wearing your boots and tennis shoes for the past several months. Follow these few simple steps to get that pink glow back to your feet and look beach ready in no time.

The shower is a place for you to relax and beautify. We treat our hair with nourishing shampoos and get that silky soft skin with our favorite razor. What about your feet? Keep a foot file or a pumice stone on the shelf in the shower and exfoliate your feet. Spots where calluses love to grow such as the sides of your big toe should get special attention. You want to push the cuticles back with a wash cloth before you get out

of the shower.Once you are out of the shower and dried off, trim and file your nails. You want to make sure that the edges are at a 45 degree angle and the nail is cut straight across. By cutting them on an angle, it helps to prevent ingrown toenails. Find a buffer that has at least 3 different grits and give your nails a beautiful shine. If you start with the roughest and end with the smoothest, your nails will shine for about a week and even have a hint of color
Last but not least, give your feet a good massage with a thick lotion. Try to find one with panthenol. Put on a nice thick pair of socks and let your feet get toasty for about an hour. If you do this before you go to bed, sleep with your socks on, your body heat will let the moisturizer seep in and your feet will feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom.
Follow these easy steps ladies and you will be able to tap dance your feet on any mans heart. Not to mention they will look perfect in those new flips that you bought for the summer. Pink will look great on your toes in the summer.


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