Ttips of Skin 

Skin Care Tips

Wear a sunblock every day... The primary cause of premature aging is exposure to the sun without adequate care and protection.
Don't wash your skin too often... Washing strips oil and moisture. Besides, tap water contains chlorine which causes oxidative damage. Washing your face twice a day is sufficient.
Do not smoke... Smoking can cause the skin to age prematurely, as well as take on an unflattering sallow tone. Nicotine will reverse your anti aging routine quicker than anything else.
Wear sunglasses... This will protect the eyes as well as the delicate skin around them. Take care in checking the products label and make sure they provide UVA and UVB protection. 

Warm water over hot... When bathing choose warm water over hot. It is not as drying and is more natural.

Get ample sleep... Most of the body's repair and rejuvenation occurs while you sleep.
Follow a nightly regimen... Apply products 1 hour before bedtime to allow ample time to penetrate the skin.
Exercise regularly... It increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which will give skin a natural, healthy glow.
Choose products carefully... Everyone's skin is different, so try several to see which products work best for you and which produce an anti effect.
Never sleep with makeup... Sleeping with makeup is not natural for your skin. It may also have an adverse effect with your anti aging routine.


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