Makeup Tips

You don’t have to wear makeup or dress like the people in fashion magazines to look great. But if you’re into cosmetics and couture, take a look at these articles.
For the most part, makeup is safe. But you need to use it properly. Learn about cosmetic safety.

Makeup and Cosmetic Safety

Serious problems from makeup and other cosmetics are rare. But sometimes problems can happen.
The most common injury from cosmetics is from scratching the eye with a mascara wand. Eye infections can result if the scratches go untreated. These infections can lead to ulcers on the cornea (clear covering of the eye) or even blindness. To play it safe, never try to apply mascara while riding in a car, bus, train, or plane.
Sharing makeup can also lead to serious problems. Cosmetic brushes and sponges pick up bacteria from the skin. And if you moisten brushes with saliva, the problem can be worse. Washing your hands before using makeup will help prevent this problem.
Sleeping while wearing eye makeup can cause problems too. If mascara flakes into your eyes while you sleep, you might wake up with itching, bloodshot eyes, infections, or eye scratches. So be sure to remove all makeup before going to bed.
Cosmetic products that come in aerosol containers also can be a hazard. For example, it is dangerous to use aerosol hairspray near heat, fire, or while smoking. Until hairspray is fully dry, it can catch on fire and cause serious burns. Fires related to hairsprays have caused injuries and death. Aerosol sprays or powders also can cause lung damage if they are deeply inhaled into the lungs.


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